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"If you put everything into somthing and believe in it completely--that's a blessing in itself."

And if you've ever been "Blessed by Beedy" you know her faith and direction is what leads her career as a top celebrity manicurist. Bianca "Beedy" Williams, The Black Nail Tech has been shaping her nail craft for the past 11 years. Early on in her career as a hairstylist, a car accident left her unable to stand and a "direction from God" as she so boldly expresses is what guided her into becoming a nail technician. Having always been a self-proclaimed artsy figure, her free style, hand-painted nails are is nothing short of bling and beauty--her canvas of choice, acrylic nails that are designed to define, hands down. As a woman entrepreneur, Bianca "Beedy" Williams uses each client encounter as a means of creating an experience that is personable and uplifting. That in which also can be found in her nail training sessions focused on building a local, New Orleans team of artist through technique support and industry knowledge. The Black Nail Tech has blessed the Hands of Artist Missy Elliott, Solange, Fantasia, SZA, Karruche Tran, Mary J. Blidge, SWV, Mona Scott Young and K. Michelle. Her work has been featured in acclaimed publications, Vogue, Rolling Out Magazine and Nails Magazine. Credit from Season 1 of TNT tv series, Claws and Girl's Trip featuring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and Regina Hall. Bianca's range of high quality design and treatment is highly coveted as her undeniable authority in nails have been established amongst her industry.

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